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Our background

Our team has an extensive background in predictive analytics and information systems as well as over 30+ years of actual high-level collegiate play and championship coaching as well as pro-wagering. In short, we have a wealth of technical expertise as well as experienced minds that know how to win!

Our problem

Every year we find ourselves getting excited for yet another season of American football but that excitement quickly turns into hours of hard work and study (even with algorithms) if we want to wager on a game and actually win. After scouring for an edge we became exhausted and no better off anyhow.

Our Solution

We built WiseCappers.com for those like us that just want a handicapping source that's both robust with information yet objective with data. Sourcing information and crunching numbers is time consuming which is why we plan to launch the world's first Kayak for sports trading data and information. Stay tuned!

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